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For non-urgent appointments please use our self-booking tool. 

For urgent cases please call the office at 905-842-2174.

Click on your health care provider’s name to view appointment booking options. 

Patients of Dr. Liang: Dr. Liang is on maternity leave until November 2023. Online booking will not be available with her locum Dr. Betty He but will resume when Dr. Liang returns in November.


We are currently offering Online Appointment Booking for the following types of appointments:

Periodic Health Reviews (the PHR replaces the old annual physical) and is intended for patients age 18 and up

*If you are a woman booking a PHR and are due for a pap smear, you can assume this will be done at your PHR as part of your cancer screening tests

**Please call for well child check-ups for ages 0-17 years**


Pap tests: These appointments are strictly for a pap test 


Diabetes Visits: Please ensure you have your blood work done prior to your appointment

We will be gradually adding a variety of appointment types for each health care provider as we become more established with using this new online booking platform.

As a result, for health care provider’s full booking schedule please contact the office to make an appointment.

Please be advised that online appointment booking is intended for South Oakville Medical Group patients to book

non-urgent appointments only.  

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