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As most of you know, OHIP pays for the majority of your medical care needs here at the office but due to the financial state of the health care system, there is a significant and growing number of medical procedures and administrative services that are not covered by OHIP. These services are still provided by the office and they require significant time and resources to administer. There are two ways by which you may choose to address these fees. To provide peace of mind to you, and to assist us in minimizing administrative costs of billing each service individually, we ask that you consider paying the annual fee, to cover all uninsured services for one year. This method appears to be preferred by many of our patients. The decision to enroll in the Annual Fee program will help to reduce the amount of time the office spends sending out individual invoices, and allow them to provide patient care and for this we are grateful. It can also amount to considerable savings if unexpected needs arise over the year.

Those who choose not to enter the program may pay for individual services at the time they are provided. If you are financially unable to pay for these services, but require them, you may request a fee exemption. We recognize that there are special circumstances. Examples of items covered by the annual fee include:

  • Prescription Renewals by Fax

  • Driver’s Medical Examinations

  • TB testing for Employment or school programs

  • Special forms for insurance coverage of massage therapy, orthotics etc.

  • Illness/return to Work, School or Daycare Notes (simple)

  • Forms required for volunteers at nursing homes/hospitals

  • Camp, Daycare or School Form

  • CPP disability medical report form

  • Wart treatment

  • Forms that do not require direct examination

  • Removal of benign skin lesions with cryotherapy

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