Flu shot clinics will be held on the following dates for all patients of South Oakville Medical Group with prebooked appointments. You may book your flu shot by calling the office.

  • The flu shot clinics will be held in our waiting room, with a maximum of 2 patients allowed in at any given time

  • Please arrive only at your appointment time with your health card and your mask

  • All patients arriving for their flu shot appointment will be asked to line-up outside the office

  • The clinics will be held regardless of weather so please dress accordingly  

  • Please wear short sleeves under your coat to expedite your vaccination

*Last Flu Shot Clinic*

Friday November 19: 1-5pm

*As of November 15th, we have no High-Dose flu vaccine left in stock.

We have regular flu vaccine in good supply and may receive additional supplies of High-Dose vaccine this week before our last clinic on Friday 


Covid-vaccinated patients

If you are fully vaccinated against Covid you will not be actively screened by our office the day before or on the day of your flu shot clinic appointment. We ask all vaccinated patients to self-monitor for symptoms of Covid and let us know ASAP if you experience any symptoms on the day of your appointment.

Covid-unvaccinated Patients

Those patients not vaccinated against Covid, will receive a screening email the day before your appointment, please keep an eye out for this as any unscreened patients will not be allowed into the office. If we are unable to reach you by email, we will attempt to reach you by phone to screen you.